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The "SLOW MOVEMENT" is a cultural shift toward slowing down life’s pace.
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A "REAL" Love Story & Slow Wedding!

I married my one true love on July 5,2008. Our life has been a whirlwind of a chance meeting, a courtship that left me breathless and a wedding under some of the most beautiful trees I have ever seen!! Let me backtrack a little…….

Ted and I have both been married before and like a lot of people we realized that it was not a lasting love or even the real thing.
We met at a time when our kids were grown and having their own babies so we have four beautiful grandsons!! Ted has three children and so do I !! I tell everyone that we have our own "Brady Bunch"…three girls and three boys!! We are truly blessed with great kids!!

We met by pure chance on an Internet dating site…….Yes…really!!! I was very skeptical about meeting any one on line but a really good friend talked me into setting up a profile and so I set out to meet people and actually do something other then live to work.!!! I met a lot of really nice men and I actually met three in person but between not recognizing them from their profile pictures and no chemistry, I started to think I was the problem…they were great guys…what was my problem???

One morning really early I was sitting at my computer enjoying my morning coffee and checking my mail. I was paged by a man who called himself "The Jack o Hearts". He was very sweet and a little shy so I went to check his profile and discovered he was in Victoria, BC…..and I was in Toronto!!
We talked and shared our stories and I thought oh well…he is too far away but I like meeting people and making new friends and we seemed to "click" so what the heck…why not???

We talked on and off for a few weeks and finally he announced he was flying to Toronto / Muskoka area on business and to visit his kids. Would I like to go for dinner? I thought …why not?? It is just dinner and he will probably be like the rest…no chemistry, unrecognizable from his pictures so I had no expectations other then a night out with a nice guy…..Boy was I wrong!!! He looked better then his picture and like the line from the movie….he had me at "Hello"….. I was smitten!!!

Well , we saw each other every moment we could and he even prolonged his trip to get to know me. After two weeks of romance, the time came for him to leave and I was heart sick but I had planned on a vacation to the west coast in just two weeks so we would see each other again…soon!!

During the time we were apart we knew we wanted to be together every day for the rest of our lives……

I flew to Victoria two weeks later. Ted met me at the airport with a banner five feet wide asking me to marry him!!! Yes! Yes!! A thousand times yes!!!

I never went back to my job. Ted bought me a book "In Praise of Slow". After reading the book, I decided that Slow was the way to go, and Vancouver Island was the place where life is SLOW. We built a web site and business, with the SLOW concept and started SLOWVICTORIA.COM. It quickly became evident to us, that SLOW was not just about slow food or a pace of life or the few roses we should stop and smell, slow could be incorporated into every facet of our lives.

Our next 8 months in Victoria was spent getting to know each other, exploring Victoria / Vancouver Island, and slowing the pace of our lives so we could live life happier and longer.

Last week, we were married! We had a slow wedding in Goldstream Park, a place that we love and frequent often. We wanted to get married under the canopy of the forest and that we did. The birds were singing and the trees rustling their leaves with approval. It was a small, quaint wedding. We disturbed nothing in the forest. We used the forest as a backdrop for our slow wedding. It has been a backdrop for our entire time together. We spend countless hours in nature and the Island grants us the peace and tranquility found only on beautiful Vancouver Island.

Its funny….when you are little and you think about growing up and getting married one day, you have a picture in your mind the sort of man you want. It is a mental check list that is there for everyone I am sure. I always thought the man of my dreams only existed in my dreams or romance novels. I was wrong. I have finally met the man of my dreams. He exists!! I married him!!

Our wedding was very simple and simply lovely!!!

We cried tears of pure joy and happiness…… We have found a love like no other and it came as a very nice surprise to both of us at this time in our lives. We are truly blessed.

Places that may enhance your slow love life in Victoria!

Abigail’s Hotel
906 McClure Street
Victoria, British Columbia
Canada V8V 3E7
Telephone (250) 388-5363

Capital City Tally Ho Sightseeing Company Ltd
7450 Veyaness Road
Saanichton, BC V8M 1V9
Telephone:250 514 9257


The Laurel Point Inn,
680 Montreal Street,
Victoria, B.C., V8V 1Z8
Telephone: (250) 386-8721

Slow Sex: Moving Toward Informed Pleasure
by Ann J. Simonton

"... Using the slow food movement’s template and their snail icon-who happens conveniently to display an extraordinarily elaborate sexual dance to inch us forward-slowly. Slow Sex expresses a progressive and more humane view of sexuality. Membership is open and would include people of all sexual orientation.

Fast sex is often cold, impersonal and can leave one feeling empty, angry or both. Slowing sex emphasizes the human connection rather than the mere surface, quickie sensations. Slow Sex is hot, engaging, satisfying and celebratory. It could promote passionate kissing, foreplay for all, hand holding and deep soul gazing all of which could increase intimacy." Read article

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