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The "SLOW MOVEMENT" is a cultural shift toward slowing down life’s pace.
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“For fast acting relief from stress, try slowing down”

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We all tend to do so much that we miss the importance of a vacation…the need to go SLOW and recharge our tired, overworked, stressed out bodies and minds.

Who hasn’t heard this….???
"I need another vacation just to recover from my vacation!!"

Slow travellers look away from mass tourism and cookie-cutter trips and vacations. They focus attention on the differences in local culture. Slow travel refers to traveling at a pace that allows the traveler to fully appreciate the place they have traveled to and relax more and not return after a vacation feeling like we need another.”

Slow travelers prefer rental housing to hotels, walking or biking to cars, and cars or trains over airplanes. They try to immerse themselves in one place rather than stopping at multiple locations.

Slow Travel by Train

Ahhhh….Life in the slow lane or should I say slow track???!!

We decided to forgo our car in favour of a train for a trip up island to Courtenay / Comox and Campbell River. After all, the train would be very relaxing and we were eager for a glimpse of the awesome view from the trestle on the Malahat!!

We weren't disappointed!! As the train slowed down to a crawl over the trestle , the scene that unfolded before us left us breathless. All through the train we heard "ohhhs and ahhs" and gasps of pure pleasure. Dense forest rushing down to meet the rugged coastline, and pure unspoiled green .

As we continued our slow pace up the track, we were surprised and delighted by glimpses of black bear, deer and what appeared to be wild flowers, their bright yellow petals shining like beacons in the dense undergrowth.

The trip was everything it promised!! Slow, relaxing and the view…. totally awesome!!

Slow Travel by Motorcycle

Travelling to Campbell River on our Yamaha Roadstar was an assault on the senses!! The unmistakable aroma of newly fertilized farm land, the sweet distinct scent of freshly planed cedar stacked in piles, and the cleanliness of the air further north in the mountains.

The day started off quite sunny but the trip over the Malahat was bone chilling!! As the day wore on and the sun ate up the dampness we settled in to enjoy one of the most spectacular rides we have ever experienced!! Wide open highway with snow capped mountain peaks, dense forest and incredible blue sky!! Traffic was slim to none and the freedom of owning the highway was exhilarating!!

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Our Slow Vacation or Slow Travel by U-Haul

After just being married a short two weeks, the time had come to fly to Muskoka, Ontario, collect all our furnishings and belongings and trek across Canada in a U-Haul. A slow vacation!!! Our Honeymoon!! We had just bought a beautiful new home in Duncan, BC to house all our furniture and collectibles and we were excited about the trip!! So many sights to see, stop when we wanted and just take it nice and easy…no rush! I had a brand new camera that I could not wait to test out, compliments of my brand new tested-out husband.

We arrived Toronto on a Friday night the 18th of July and we were excited at seeing family, packing everything in the truck and begin our SLOW TRAVEL!!!

We spent Friday and Saturday catching up with family and friends and on Tuesday morning we were packed and ready to go!!!

We stopped at a truck stop in North Bay for breakfast…our stomachs were complaining about the early rise and lack of nourishment!!! Then we started our way up Highway 11 taking the northern route to save gas money, reluctantly bypassing Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie. The miles were getting eaten up pretty quickly as we struggled north with our heavy load. Slow Travel by U-Haul (con't)

Horseback Riding or Slow Travel

One of the most exciting ways to travel is to combine the thrill of seeing a new place with the love of horses that we all share. Worldwide Tour Companies offer exciting horseback riding vacations at destinations throughout the world. They will help you plan your trip from start to finish, and give you guidelines and advice for all of your travel plans.

There are also many wonderful riding experiences at places around the world with whom you can book anything from a one hour ride to a multi-day horse riding or trekking trip. Guest and dude ranch vacations also offer travelers a way to combine their equine enthusiasm with non-riding traveling partners. Information about horseback riding and equestrian articles and equine training can be found at For Equestrians.

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