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The "SLOW MOVEMENT" is a cultural shift toward slowing down life’s pace.
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Everything about nature forces us to SLOW down and have patience. Gardening is an instrument of grace that sets us back into the SLOW circles. The smell of freshly turned earth warming in the early morning sun, the SLOW spread of color and the unforgettable scent of Geraniums, Peonies and my favourite…Lily of The Valley.

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Victoria is a dream come true for the avid gardener. Known as the "Garden City", Victoria has a year round growing season and is home to Canada's mildest climate!

Gardening is a wonderful way to exercise and we all know that exercise is the enemy of stress!!! Anyone who has spent time working in a garden knows the soothing, stress-relieving effect it has! Did you know that working in the garden for 45 minutes can burn the same number of calories as 30 minutes of jogging or aerobics?

Seedy Saturday

Victoria's first gardening show of 2008 and their 15th annual!!! It was very successful!! At first glance it looked to be an" in and out" in five minutes kind of event but upon a closer look I found myself very intrigued by all the excitement of the more seasoned gardener and the up and coming enthusiasts.

Organic Gardening is very much on the rise as was evident in the many seeds available for purchase. Everything offered was very "green" right down to Sea Soil…a mixture of fish and forest fines that are composted for two years from Vancouver Island.

Fresh, local produce was available from Dan's Farm Market, FoodRoots and Haliburton Farms. A delectable choice of jams from Valhalla Farms Herbs 'n' Things were offered and let me just say….Apricot Habanero….to die for!! Just a hint of heat and undeniable flavour!! And it's organic!!! Henri, owner and creator of all the jams and jellies tells me that people order this a dozen at a time!!!

Moss Street Market is gearing up for their season starting in May and goes right through till October.

Looking to create a livable outdoor space…look no further then Dig This…. from decorative to functional accessories…they have it all!!

Time to SLOW down and relax? Sooke Harbour House was very visible at the garden show showing their support for local growers and farmers. Although I have never experienced their cuisine, the reputation for being a first class restaurant is well known. Eat, sleep and relax at this incredible escape!!

This great event was sponsored by Cannor Nursery, Dig This and Times Colonist.
Hosted by: James Bay Market Society

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