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The "SLOW MOVEMENT" is a cultural shift toward slowing down life’s pace.
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Victoria, British Columbia, is a beautiful city filled with history and awe inspiring attractions. Breathtaking mountains!! Beautiful gardens!! Ocean views! Quaint and charming! Victoria, situated on the southern coast of Vancouver Island, boasts the mildest climate in Canada.

Its' SLOW pace is the perfect setting for sunset walks or an early morning sunrise! Take a leisurely stroll through Gold Stream Park’s rain forest taking in the wonderful aroma of moss covered trees or a much daring trek up the steep rugged trail of Mt. Finlayson. Beach lovers are in for a thrill. Sparkling white sand, abundant wild birds and big shady trees.


Slow Dining"Many of us have swallowed the idea that when it comes to food, faster is better"
Quote: Carl Honore, Author of "In Praise Of Slow"

Slow LoveYou can’t hurry love…..the best lovemaking is about making SLOW love and connecting…you can’t make a connection if you are in a hurry!!

Victoria….the perfect place for the SLOW wedding of your dreams, a romantic SLOW weekend, or celebrating a milestone of SLOW love. It is the island of choice for romance and charm!

Slow CookingThe unforgettable aroma of a pot roast SLOWLY simmering on a bed of onions surrounded by succulent potatoes, fragrant parsnips, infused with fresh rosemary and a touch of basil…what a SLOW tease for the taste buds!!!Slow Shopping
Anyone who has stood in line at a busy supermarket , understands the frustration of a fast paced, busy lifestyle.

Slow Food"There are people that have money and then there are people that are rich." Taking care of your health is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.


Slow GardeningEverything about nature forces us to SLOW down and have patience. Gardening is an instrument of grace that sets us back into the SLOW circles. The smell of freshly turned earth warming in the early morning sun, the SLOW spread of color and the unforgettable scent of Geraniums, Peonies and my favourite…Lily of The Valley.
Slow ReadingRainy afternoons, a crackling fire, a cup of hot cocoa….yes, hot cocoa!!…and a SLOW read to escape to…
No movie maker can create what our mind can conjure up………so is the power of our imagination!!
Slow Leisure Now isn’t that an oxymoron???
We all need to go SLOW and smell the roses………….and what better way then to take a leisurely stroll down the many pathways wrapped around the bay, paddle your way around a sun dappled harbour, a SLOW hike up to the top of the Mt. Douglas Summit or just chillin’ on your own private balcony.

Slow Vacations & TravelWho hasn’t heard this….???
"I need another vacation just to recover from my vacation!!"
We all tend to do so much that we miss the importance of a slow vacation … the need to go SLOW .and recharge our tired, overworked, stressed out bodies and minds.

Slow PetsThere's something between animals and owners that is magical. While children may grow into ornery adolescents, pets don't have mood swings or meltdowns, and they never talk back. They're loyal and lovable; and even if we're irritable, they adore us unconditionally.
Slow designRome was not built in a day…….
And neither should your home………!!!
Slow Real EstateOh the joys of living in Victoria!! It truly is a Shangri-la ! With its slow pace and spectacular climate, one cannot help but wonder if it really does prolong life!!!

Slow FamiliesIn this age of "FAST", families are taking a back seat to technology. Families are spending less and less time together and more time surfing the web or playing video games. Remember the days before video games? You could set up a Monopoly board and be entertained for hours. Treat your children to a night of board games by digging out an old favorite.

Slow RetirementThe main goal is to be happy and take the time to do all those things that we all put off until we have time or until we retire!!!

With life expectancy increasing by almost 20 years since 1955, those golden years will be indeed a time to look forward to with great expectatation!!!




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